Hello, I'm Tim Aikin — a freelance designer, developer and entrepreneur.

I have limited availability in May and June. Email hello@aik.in or tweet @timaikin.

“We can't recommend Tim highly enough. He offers a rare combination of design and technical skills – and the ability to understand a business and add real value to a project.”

Dave Clark, Co-founder of Bond Branding.

— How can I help you?

“We're a small business and need someone to design and build us a new company website.”

I've done this for plenty of clients, from small two-man consultancies like Bond Branding to medium-sized business intelligence companies like Kinaesis. I can do everything from establishing a creative brief, right through to designing, building and launching the site. If you're looking to launch a brand new site, or perhaps refresh an old one, I'd love to get involved.

“I'm an entrepreneur without a technical co-founder and I need help building a digital product.”

I did this with Forgett (my own software product) and GetDotty (a product, currently in beta, that I co-founded with my partner). For both I went from idea, to design, development and launch in under six weeks - and I can do the same for you and your product. If you're an entrepreneur or small start-up looking to build a product but can't find a technical co-founder, or afford a team of designers and developers, then get in touch, I can help.

“We need someone to run, maintain and improve our website – we're considering a full time employee.”

If your business is increasingly oriented around your web presence – and, let's face it, that's the case for most businesses these days – eventually you'll be looking for someone to run, maintain and improve it. Rather than hiring someone full time (which is time-consuming, expensive and requires a big upfront investment) I can do this on a part-time retainer basis – much more cost effective.

— What have I done?

HauteNovi – Design and custom backend for a magazine style blog by an up and coming music and fashion editor based in New York.

Forgett – The design and Rails development for a tool I built to create simple, beautiful checklists online.

CuratePro – Overhauled the design and did frontend development for a new consultancy marketplace.

Indulge – Created a high quality brochure site for a new exclusive luxury experiences venture, Indulge Groupe.

Stylsh – Design and development for BuyMyWardrobe's new magazine-style preloved fashion blog.

Kinaesis – Site design and WordPress integration for a leading financial business intelligence company.

Braymont – Created a simple, high quality, dual language portfolio site for a boutique private equity firm based in Zug, Switzerland.

BuyMyWardrobe – Creative direction, design and frontend development for an exciting new preloved fashion marketplace.

Bond Branding – Designed and built a new portfolio website for a design-led financial branding consultancy.

Infinity Financial – Created an extensive set of new websites for Asia's leading financial services company.

Wood Floors of Farnham – Did the web design and photography for my favourite local wood floor company.

— Who am I?

Tim Aikin

A freelance designer, developer and entrepreneur.

I'm an independant freelancer based in a little village outside Farnham, UK – and I work remotely 99% of the time. I started my career in consultancy, so I understand business, but my true love is design, code, and building great products – which I've been focusing on for the last few years.

Most importantly I consider myself to be a pretty affable chap, who really loves what he does. I only take on projects where I think I can add real value, which is why I love working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. If you think I can help with your next project then I'd love to hear from you.

Email hello@aik.in or tweet @timaikin if you want to get in touch.

Last updated: 5 February 2015.